Our first full day in California found us with redwood trees towering hundreds of feet above our heads, as well as turning over rocks to watch the crabs crawl away. Greens, greys, and every hue in between. It was priceless to hear my youngest exclaim, “Oh my god, that’s a tree???”.  As a parent, I have tried to be intentional about providing my children with experiences, and it was a joy to see that in action today.

That’s the beauty, As for the pain…I walked several miles today on an ankle/heel that should probably not be walked on at all. I have a pretty high threshold for pain, but today was a misery that made it tough to relish in the family experience. The next couple of days promise more of the same, even if I keep my hiking to a minimum. So, that’s the honest truth of it, but I am determined to bring home memories from this vacation of the goodness, and to quickly forget the pain.

Once again, I’m exhausted after the day, so I will leave you with the photos. (That’s why you come in the first place, right?)

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