Today has been a long day! We woke up in Portland and made our way down the coast, making a stop at the Heceta Lighthouse along the way. As I spent the day behind the wheel, my photos are limited to the couple of excursions we made, but I have officially achieved bringing my children to the ocean for the very first time! Mission complete.

I injured my ankle/heel a few weeks ago, and while it had been doing better, the walking the past couple of days has me back in painland. It’s tough, since the majority of our plans for this trip are hiking, and even the mile roundtrip to the lighthouse this afternoon was excruciating. Still, I’m determined not to let it get the better of me. There is plenty ot see from the pull-offs, and I’m happy to set my family out upon the trails. Also, I brought my drone, so perhaps that can do some of the walking for me.

I’m bushed and am ready to head to bed. So for now I’ll let the photos communicate the record of the day. See you tomorrow!

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