Spring Break – Day 1: Portland

The dream of the 90’s may no longer be alive in Portland, but the Marney Family certainly is. We woke before 4am this morning to board our dawn flight from Denver to Portland. This is the first time we’ve flown as a family since our Disney trip in 2015, and it was fun to watch our kids stare out the airplane windows as we took off.

We arrived safely and in search of coffee and a car. We found both successfully in record time, and set about our exploration of Sunday Portland. In local fasion, our first stop was brunch at Kingsland Kitchen near downtown. Unfortunately, we spent our entire vacation budget and am now headed home….




…just kidding. We’re pressing through anywho. After brunch and a bit of meandering, we arrived at the Chinese Gardens, which were, expectedly, beautimous. I appreciate that even my youngest perused the plants and architecture with amusement. After, we took a quick walk through Washington Park before heading to our hotel for an early check-in.

My peeps are tired from the early wake-up, so they chilled in the hotel this afternoon. I do not chill, so I walked a few blocks to Backwoods Brewing Company where I entered into a 45 minute conversation with a Portland transplant. It made my days.

Finally, we ordered in from Ranch Pizza. We enjoyed immensely. And now? Sleep. Tomorrow we drive down the Oregon coast to Crescent City, CA, which promises to be a full day. More to come!

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