Playing Hooky with an Old Friend

As I sit here now, the snow is blowing outside, having piled up to 15 or so inches, and more on the way. Rewind a few days and it was 65 and sunny in Colorado Springs, and I could not help but step away from my office and responsibilities for a few hours to enjoy the weather and some time with Pearl at Garden of the Gods. I wanted to get some good exercise and see some parts of the park I’d not yet ventured, so I plotted out a 6 mile serpantine course, making a large loop around the park. One nice advantage of this was the avoidance of tourists that swarm the large rock formations adjacent to the parking lots. Or I suppose the parking lots are adjacent to the formations, as the red rocks preceeded the black asphalt by several million years.

My post title refers to an old friend, and in this case, I refer to the park itself. During my childhood trips to Colorado, the red rock structures rising high above head were park of the quintessential Colorado experience. I’ve revisited them so many times over the years. On my honeymoon and during family vacations when my kids were still small enough to ride around on my shoulders. In 2015 I took the dog on a walk early in the morning, full of excitement as we were closing on our home in Colorado that afternoon. I’ve gone trail running there, and spent time with family and friends. It is comfortable. An old friend.

I took my camera along on my walk, and played tourist. I was trying not to hike as quickly as possible, and to slow down and take in the day. I think I half-way met my goal. I just photographed whatever caught my eye – often the path in front of me. There are maybe half a dozen spots that are photographed ad nausem from the pull-offs along the road the encircles the park. My circuitous route allowed me to see some of the less photographed areas of the park, or to shoot the formations from less common angles. I decided to process the photographs with a little bit over-the-top color and saturation. I suppose the day was vivid in my mind, and as I looked back on the photos today, I wanted to communicate that visually.


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  1. Teresa Marney
    March 14, 2021

    Glad you took time to enjoy the Garden of the Gods and take all those beautiful pictures.

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